Friday, June 13, 2014

7 QT's - it's Friday

1.  It's summer. The boys are outside all the time now and they are dog tired at night.  I love it.  I actually have kids that will sleep past 6am now. The true test is this weekend, when I will inevitably be woken up by someone because the sleep gods do not love me anymore. I'm not sure who it will be, but I can guess the reason...
           -Dave will pop his bright eyes open and be ready for the day because he's just like his Dad.  I'm so happy those genes got passed along (sarcasm included).
           -Frank it will not be unless something is terribly amiss in his little world. He is my sleeper and likes to lounge in bed just like his Mama.  I'm so happy those genes got passed slong (sarcasm no where to be seen).
           -Stan will poop.  Every single morning same story and same absolutely rude awakening.
           -George is the only one alone in his bedroom and he would like some company when his peepers are open.  So he calls his minions in for some attention.  Loudly.

2.  The boys kicked off the tubing season and now summer will be filled with this question.  "When are we going to Grandma and Grandpa's to go tubing?  Why do we NEVER go there?"  This is always quickly followed by, "I'm bored."  Me too, my man, me too.

3.  I made the radical decision to take out my sad excuse of a flower garden and put sod over it.  I am finished yelling at the boys 764 times a day to get out of my garden and instead choose to give them more room to run which will hopefully make them more tired (see #1). This will also free me from the guilt of never weeding and watching as my sad little flowers get choked out by stinging nettle and other fun garden bullies.

4.  I took 317 pictures of Dave, Frank and Stan in their little yellow rain jackets to get the perfect picture of "my little ducklings".  I just knew it was going to kill on Instagram.  This is as good as it got.  Luckily more rain this weekend to try again. #silverliningsarenotmything

5.  I had a yard sale to clear out the baby stuff I had accumulated in my home over the past seven years of motherhood.  It was going to be epic.  Instead it was an epic fail.  I collected exactly one Andrew Jackson for a jumper bouncy chair.  I gave away a lot of stuff and we had a lot of stuff left over.  This meant I had to itemize all the stuff going to Goodwill which resulted in me quietly crying on the front porch steps while hugging a onesie with poop and baby spit-up stains on it.  I'm really glad our family is complete with our four Wild Ones, but letting go of the infant stuff was still tough.  It's unbelievable how many memories can get tied up into simple material goods.  I swear I could picture each boy in those outfits and remember it all so clearly. 

6.  Popsicles then...

7.  Popsicles now...

Thanks to Ms. Whitaker for hosting.
Auf wiedersehen madchen!

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