Friday, November 15, 2013

My Scattered Brain

You remember how it works?  I spout off unrelated things until you get bored and click somewhere else. Unless you're my Mom who savors every word about her grandchildren and reads through the drivel about me just to get to more exciting stuff about her grandsons, or you're Jerry who reads under duress because he knows he has to.

1) Frank has the best word mix-up right now.  It's "girl-er" for girl.  I like to give myself a chuckle with this...

M: Frank is that squirrel a boy or a girl?
F: Mom, I don't know if that squirrel-er is a girl-er.

Love it every time.

2) My post-partum bald spots are sprouting hair!  They are a luscious one inch long and now I'm challenged with either plastering them to my head with a hair wax and hairspray combo or letting them fly all wispy and crazy all over my head. 

 Not to mention that they are not matched to my enhanced ahem blonde head.

3) I could not wait for George to be big enough to sit in the high chair and feed himself.  Now that he's there I remember what a pain in the butt it is to clean that thing four times a day not to mention the goo that gets stuck all over it from food and the dog saliva covering the whole thing because Stella knows who gives the best hand-outs in the family now.

4) I pulled out all the crafty Mom I could muster this week when Frank had a playdate.  He had a girl-er over and so we were challenged to entertain the young miss with more than our usual cache of weaponry and impressive collection of "guys" - meaning super-heroes, bad guys, monsters, ninjas, garbage men, construction dudes, know all the guys I step on bare-footed in the middle of the night when I get up to roam the house take care of George.

We decided to go to Artscraps in Saint Paul which is this awesome reuse, upcycle store that sells lots of junk that kids love to comb through and let their imaginations run wild about what to do with it.  We walked out with a brown bag full of tongue depressors, yarn, glittered sticks, card stock, sticky glow-in-the-dark mylar paper, 3 styrofoam balls, and a baggy of gold sequins for under $4.

We got home and made some puff balls with the yarn and little puppets with the tongue depressors and yarn.  They drew different faces on each side so they could turn on the happy face and say "I love pickles" and then the angry face with "I hate pickles".  I have no idea.  Kids are just weird.

5) I have the best travel mug in the world.  It keeps beverages hot for an insanely long time.  Each and everytime I take a sip five hours after I put hot tea in there and think "You've got to be kidding me!  How can this still be hot".  It's Contigo and I got it in a two-pack at The Costco. Oh! - and it seals. No drips or leaks. Not ever, even upside-down in a jostled diaper bag through Mass.

This thing is a miracle for moms like me who make something and then get distracted by eleventy-six other things before they get back to their much awaited drink five hours later...and it's still hot.  God bless the engineers who came up with this thing.  It had to be a team lead by women.

6) I heard Dave singing to George "The itsy-bitsy spider crawled up on your face..."

I wish I would've contained my laughter because it startled Dave so he never finished his song and I want to know what happens to George's face with the Itsy-Bitsy Spider on it.

7) I walked out of CVS this week with the herd in tow and an older lady stopped me with the usual "Are these all your boys?" My usual answer (which answers this question, plus the follow-up that always comes) "Yep, they're all mine and they're busy!"

Then came a new one from her "God really loves you!".

When she said this it warmed my heart, because she's right.

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  1. OH My, Artscraps!!!! My family moved away from St. Paul almost 10 years ago but when my oldest was a little one we used to go and shuffle through the bins for hours! You brought back such a wonderful memory!!!! Thanks.

  2. George is so sweet and love his name. Now I need to get a dog too or I just can't clean the crumbs my son drops everywhere all day long :-D

    I wonder if I could find a travel mug like that overhere too. Magic mug for every mum :-)

    Please post more often, there are so many blogs but none as amusing as yours.

  3. Wow, I love #7. Great answer from that lady :) I also want to let you know that I have nominated you for a Liebster Award. You can read all about it here :
    It's something fun to do and I know you're super busy, so no pressure.


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