Friday, December 13, 2013

seven random takes

I'm taking the lazy way out and letting my phone camera roll do all the work...
Thanks Jen for the link up!
1 -

We took a road trip to Indianapolis over Thanksgiving where 27 (!) of us could all sleep under my brother's very generous roof to spend the holiday together.  The boys stayed nestled in the back of the van and Stan insisted that his Dusty pillow was not too big to have with him in his lap the entire way.  His brothers are filled with endless patience some days.  Others not so much, but that's for further down...

2 -
Sometimes it gets really bright in the car and you need your favorites sunnies to protect your eyes.

3 -

Still with the Dusty pillow for the brief 12 minutes of slumber he had during the 11 hour trip. 

4 -
Me and my Kari on our annual sisters post-Thanksgiving shopping trip to all stores decor in Indy.  It is a pastime that I feel myself growing into even though I have not a shade of sense when it comes to home decor.  Which is why I go on this charade of a shopping trip so my sisters can guide me (and for the lunch). We especially were going for a fuzzy soft frame on this photo for a prom feel too.

5 -
Advent is in full swing at our house.  We have daily fights about who gets to move the ornament onto the countdown tree, even though they trade every day on a set schedule. We have a fight every night over who gets to blow out the candles on the Advent wreath and sometimes we resort to relighting a candle because Stan needs to blow one out and we're not to the third week in Advent yet. And, they somehow find a way to fight over their chocolate Advent calendars even though each of them has their own and so the impossible task of sharing is not even up for discussion.  Christmas is truly a blessed season.

6 -
This is what happens when people are less patient with Stan and his toddler antics.

7 -
I love slippers and I have passed this oddity onto my children.  Or maybe our absolutely freezing cold hardwood floors throughout our drafty old house has made my kids smart enough to wear them.  Either way, I think the kiddos look like crazy mini-people walking around in their out-sized feet with random stuff attached to them.  Again, don't be overwhelmed by the absolute best blog photography you've ever seen complete with cut-off heads, not centered subjects, and fuzzy movement captured.

This is the only time I have ever wished that we named this kid Richard so I could put the obvious punchline on this photo.

It's a little cold here and it's slowly killing our poor nanny from South Africa.  And last night the radiator in her room went out.  I best get home and try to turn some knobs, bleed a valve, or fill a pressure tank - all things I know nothing about but I'm going to attempt or Marianne might be sleeping in my bed tonight.

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