Thursday, July 25, 2013

Broken, Brokener, Brokenest

This has been a tough week on some of my possessions...

Broken - the skirt that I wore to work today. Nothing makes a girl feel prettier and more svelte than busting the hook and eye holding her skirt together.  Not to mention that I'm still carrying around some pesky baby weight so I may be a weeeee bit sensitive if things don't fit perfectly these days. 
At least the zipper on the skirt was no quitter and both literally and figuratively helped me hold it together today. 

Brokener - the bag that I carried to work today.  This bag is pretty much a crappy pleather (not even a good imitation of leather) bag that I have carried to work for two years. It looked good for about the first month and then quickly showed its wear. This bag only got saved from a long walk to the trash can because I got comfortable with where everything fit in it.  So my laziness won out and I never got around to changing it out even though I hated the way it looked every stinking day after day I carried it. 

The purse gods have had enough and have saved me from myself by ripping one of the shoulder straps apart. Hallelujah. Now I just have to figure out where my dental floss and 836 tampons I found hidden in my old bag will go (I'm only slightly exaggerating about the tampons and I really don't understand how and why I have so many squirreled away.  I have only had my period about twice in the last seven years because of pregnancies and breastfeeding but apparently I'm super anxious about when it will strike again and if I'll have enough in my bag to be away from a tampon source until menopause).

Brokenest - and this one really hurts...I shattered my iPhone.

Oh the pain upon watching the impact was exquisite. I swear I drop that phone 56 times a day and this was an obvious outcome at some point, but it is still so annoying.  I'm trying to decide if I will try to stick it out for another couple months with tiny shards of glass flaking off on my thumbs as I text as I wait for the new iPhone, punish myself for breaking it by using Jerry's old phone that has a broken center button, or if I'll go for the immediate fix. 

I'm hoping the rest of my goods can hold it together for a few days.  I have duct tape holding the back window of my VW hatchback together, so I'm not really holding my breath.  Unless I'm around the back window of my VW, then I do hold my breath because I think a deep breath or an angry butterfly could take that thing off.

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