Sunday, July 28, 2013

Stan's Dance

Stan has this awesome dance that he's doing now and it gets me every damn time he does it.  If that kid had any smarts he'd realize that he could probably get out of whatever trouble he finds himself in (4,506 times a day for that toddler) if he busted out this dance. 

Basically anyone can do it and it always has the same effect on me (it was done by my other boys and Jerry - still funny), but it is particularly funny when he does it.  He covers his eyes with his fists and rubs them around while bobbing his body up and down.  After a few seconds he takes his hands from his eyes, smiles, looks at you expectently and proclaims, "That's funny!".  I love that he has to make sure I get it.  He knows he has good material here and doesn't want to waste it on unappreciative audiences, so he drives home the point to his dense mother just in case.  I have a video up so everyone (um, no one I guess since no one reads this) can enjoy it.  Or, at least if I post the video then I can save it to show off at his graduation, wedding, holy orders, or coming out party someday - whatever floats the little dude's boat.

I have also decided that almost anything followed up with an emphatic, "That's funny!" is always funnier.

So, are you finished reading this post?  --That's funny!

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