Wednesday, July 17, 2013

El Numero Uno

First off, I don't speak Spanish - so I'm not even sure if that title is legit.  If I had any followers or readers (hello?  is any out there?) they would tell me, I could correct it and all would be well.  Since I'm writing this one solo, we'll just have to ignore my ignorance and laziness (I just don't feel like google translating this) and call it a day.  Initail disclaimer done.

Practically every stinkin' day someone tells me that I need to write down whatever crazy thing my sons have done. 
These are things that seem so strange, heinous, hilarious, or bizarre that I think I will never forget them.  Ha!  Turns out my chaotic life prevents me from retaining all sorts of information such as Costco lists, how many diapers are left, what I have planned for dinner, and to call my Mom back in a timely manner (sorry Mom!).  Sadly, snippets that I would actually like to keep in my brain somewhere, i.e. when my kids had any of theirs firsts - walking, teeth, belly laugh, trip to the ED, or moments in my life that are important and monumental (too big of a word really, nothing monumental happens to me) are lost to the ethos.

I hope I can start keeping track of some of this stuff for all posterity.  Um, really just for me I guess (again, hello?  it's pretty lonely here).  And, maybe Jerry if I can talk him into reading my blog.  Possibly my Mom if I can teach her how to find my blog on her iPad - sigh.

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