Wednesday, July 24, 2013

5 Favorite Things Link-up

Thanks to Grace
 for doing a link-up.  I'm a link-up virgin so this could get interesting...

1.  Back to school shopping!!  The second half of every summer I reminisce about heading to Target to pick up all my new school supplies.  It was one of my favorite shopping trips of the year.  I could seriously barely contain my anticipation of what Trapper Keeper I would get (the Lisa Frank psychidelic panda and unicorn design vs kittens in a basket),
 just how big the box of crayons I would get would be (and would it have the built in sharpner??), and clicky pencils with all new erasers and lead!!!  The love of school supplies may have been what got me through med school.  I'm just sayin'.

Now that I have a kindergartner this fall I get to go school supply shopping with him and it will take some will power to let him choose his own stuff and not push my favs on him.  Maybe I'll just get my own new pencils though.

2.  The children's book Someday by Alison McGhee and Peter H. Reynolds is fantastic.  This book is so touching and it makes me tear up and cry every single damn time I read it.  Right along the lines of The Giving Tree and The Little Match Girl.  If I read a-n-y of those book to my boys I am a slobbering mess by the end and scaring them.  Cue to Jerry to swoop in and finish up story time so as not to scar the children for life.  But really, this book is a keeper and belongs on every family's book shelves.

3.  To stay on the dorky school and book theme and let my Alpha Nerd really shine I must give a shout out to my public library.  LOVE IT!  Thank you for kids story times, renewal notices to remind me that I have 20 books out, the e-library so I can have instant gratification of new books all the time and friendly librarians who always have suggestions. 

4.  Since it is high summer time and I like to pair my drinks with my seasons, I am loving Kirkland (Costco!) brand margaritas.  It comes already juiced up with tequila and is the perfect blend of sweet, tart, and boozy.  Add some ice and fresh squeeze of lime and I'm in porch swinging, stoop sitting heaven.
5.  I like to get a little crafty every so often and I'm a novice at best.  I can sew rectangles together and I can cut off the zillion pairs of pants my boys have worn the knees through and hem the edge to make shorts.  My seams are crooked and my measurements are wonky but I love working the sewing machine as if I know what I am doing.  Here's the snazzy tutorial even sewing idiots like me can use for making burp clothes.  I have spitty babies so I go through 30 of these in a day easily so it helps to have some cute ones on hand.
Happy Wednesday.


  1. Holy Crap - I LOVE that you have four boys!! We should be neighbors, because with my FIVE, drinking margaritas and watching them play would be totally entertaining!! We're big book lovers here, so I can't wait to check out "Someday." Thanks for the tip!

    1. WOW! Five boys would be mind blowing! I love crazy kid fests where the parents relax with a drink in hand while the kids run wild and wear themselves out. A perfect summer evening in my book. Enjoy "Someday", but you were warned about the waterworks!

  2. Yes! Trapper Keepers! I was so excited when I got my first one.
    I haven't heard of that book, but I'm a sucker for tear-jerker kid's books. Also, I might just have to snag that Margarita mix the next time I'm at Costco. I love them, but we never have all the ingredients on hand!

    1. You'll never regret the purchase of either the book or the margarita. In my mind they're both wise investments. I'm hoping to find a rad Trapper Keeper for Dave but I don't think it'll be the same when it's Spider Man instead of Hello Kitty!

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