Friday, August 16, 2013

Another 7 QT's

It's Friday y'all!!!  That means it's time to link-up with Jen and see what everyone is thinking today.

1) George will finally be getting baptized on Sunday.  It's been crazy trying to figure out a time to get everyone together to celebrate George's blessing in the water, but it's finally the day.  Needless to say, the cute baptism invites are still sitting in my stationary (read junk) drawer
and I had to send out a lame email invite yesterday.  I didn't even fancy it up with evite or anything.  Oh well, I hope little G doesn't mind that I won't be able to paste an invite in his baby book. Hahahahahaha! - just kidding.  I don't have a baby book for George (or any of our boys to be more specific).  Major mom oops, but somehow I just thought I would be able to catalogue everything in my head and now I can't remember which kid is which when I look at their baby photos out of order.  Ok, that's enough ramble on that topic.  Next!!!

2) I'm tyring to figure out what to serve people at our house after the baptism and I'm thinking I'll need more than champagne and a Costco white sheet cake.  Running through ideas like grilled ciabatta sandwhiches which I can preassmeble before Mass that morning, salads (Mom's bringing a white bean and MIL is bringing fruit - so maybe wild rice or my fall back broccoli slaw?).  I'm just not sure at this point - any suggestions?

3) I just bought these shoes yes-ter-day on clearance at DSW and now they have rubbed off the patent in that one spot. 
^^^I assure you I'm not walking around in a pair of shoes that ends in a triangle on the bottom of my foot.  Chalk it up to a strange wedge angle.

I'm super annoyed.  Would you return them or should I tough it out?  I mean, I've only worn them to work this one day - and it's not like I'm doing road construction here.  I'm thinking I could put a little of my Essie "Sand Tropez" over it as a little shoe love DIY.  Worth it?  Advice please...

4) I just went a little cray-zay with the Chez Tar-zhay clearance online.  An extra 20% off women's shoes and clothes!!  Anyway, I scored some cute flats, a wedge (my new obsession for fall), a couple dresses which I will most likely return, some sleepware (wink-wink), and some diapers and breast milk bags to round it out and make the whole darn purchase seem more legit when Jerry gets the receipt to enter in Quicken.

5) Speaking of Jerry... he's going to his 20 year high school reunion tonight.  People often ask me what it's like being married to someone so old and I just raise my eyes toward heaven and tell them it's all part of the load I bear (hee-hee).

6) Back to baptism (sorry for the non-linear thinking, but this is actually how my brain works.  Trust me, it's as annoying for me as I imagine it is for you) My Mom called on Wednesday night to tell me that she had "misplaced" the heirloom baptismal gown belonging to my grandfather, so circa 1907 we're talking.  All of her other 16 grandkids, not to mention me and my sibs, my Mom and her sibs, cousins, and cousins' babies have been baptized in this gown.  She had torn up the house looking for it and was feeling the loss something awful.  Suuuuper long (read boring, I know I'm sorry, but I can't stop now!) story short she called her sister who had it.  She was dreading calling her because she didn't really want to tell her, but it all turned out ok.  Thanks St. Anthony!
***Tony, Tony, look around!  Something's lost and can't be found!***
And now I can return the baptismal gowns I had air-lifted here yesterday to make it in time for the Sunday  affair.  (Further justification for my Target spree! - it's like I found money! I know that's not really how money works, but bear with me - I'm working through some Target guilt)

7) I ate some over three months expired dark chocolate covered pretzels from TJ's today.  Wait, that makes it sound like TJ's carried the expired food.  They did not/do not.  Completely my fault.  They were an impulse purchase while pregnant with George (who is nearly 6 months old now.  Um, I might be a hoarder) and I clearly remember going straight home and dipping them in creamy peanut butter.  It was heaven.  And then I felt really full and sick, but it was totally worth it still I think.  But why I haven't touched them since then or throw them out is beyond me.  I was desperate. 

Happy weekend!  And, send some baptismal blessings to George on Sunday!

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