Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Guest Post from George!

I'm exhausted today so George offered to guest post on the blog to keep things going.  I will type for him since he prefers to open-hand smack the keyboard or eat it.  Thanks George!

Hey Everyone!  Thanks to my Mom for letting me blog a little today.  I know everyone is chompin' at the bit to hear from me so here goes...

***Ten Reasons I Didn't Want To Sleep Last Night***

1) I love eating at night.  I love it so much I thought I would play after I got up to eat the first time so I could just roll right into a second meal a couple hours later without ever sleeping in between.  Eating at night is great because I have my Mom's full attention.  She doesn't try to read magazines, check Instagram, or yell at my brothers while she is feeding me. 

2) My room at night is super awesome.  My moon nightlight provides just enough light for me to keep one eye on my stuffed animals and one eye on my Mom to make sure she doesn't move a muscle to escape from the side of my crib.  However, it does not provide enough light to see the binkies that I toss over the side of the crib and it is hilarious to see my Mom crawling on the floor blindly looking for them.  What a hoot!

3) Speaking of binkies, I love this game - binky in, spit it out...WAAAHHH!  aaaaand repeat. Endlessly.

4) Frank said he wanted pizza for dinner tonight. I thought I'd help him out and take the wind out of Mom's sails so she's just too dang tired to cook tonight.  She'll overlook the meals she planned and shopped for in exchange for the sweet bliss of having dinner brought to our door, opening a box, and letting my brothers eat out of it like a trough. You're welcome Frank, you owe me one.

5) I love having my own room. When I sleep well at night I'm afraid Mom starts to get kooky ideas that I should sleep with my brothers. No way am I willingly going into that crazytown room.  I have no idea what goes on in there at night, but I hear a lot of noise coming from their closed door and I don't like it.  I'd like to keep my blissful oasis away from those dudes for as long as possible.

6) Mom was kind of starting to walk around all smug and sassy that she had this parenting thing figured out and I felt it was my duty to knock her down a rung or ten just to remind her that she has no idea what she's doing.  It's important to remember who's in charge here.

7) Sometimes Mom whispers in my ear that I'm growing up too fast and she wishes I could be a baby forever. Bet she's not saying that today.

8) Sleeping during the night is for pansies. I can go all night long and not even break a sweat. Watch me. No really, I mean it. Stand right there and watch me do it.  If someone is not standing by my crib while I'm laying here awake then I'll scream because then all this effort is just not worth it. 

9) Mom went a little crazy when she was 38 weeks pregnant with me and sewed new crib sheets, a crib skirt, and bumpers.  I just want to show her how much I love that stuff by staying awake to appreciate it.

10) Does this look like a tired baby to you?

Ok, so that's it for George blogging for me.  Hope you all enjoyed it. In answer to his question, um, yes - I do think that looks like a tired baby.

Here's the well rested version I much prefer. 
Fingers crossed, sleeping spells cast, hexes blocked, wood knocked upon and all the other superstitions that G has a much better night tonight.  If not then maybe one of you will be getting a squealing package at your front door soon.


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