Wednesday, August 21, 2013

G's Baptism WIWS

This is A Very Special Edition of What I Wore Sunday....  George's Baptism!

Looks like there's another baptism edition over at My Domestic Monestary to peruse as well.

On Sunday George was brought to the baptismal font as a sleeping child with the stain of original sin.  He was then crudely awoken by having water poured onto his head, which alarmed him, and then he squirmed and got a face full of water as the Deacon
couldn't aim real well over a squirmy, screaming George.  I imagine that George didn't really care that it was Holy Water - he was just pretty ticked that it woke him up. Needless to say, original sin - gone.  Halo is now firmly in place with holiness abounding around him.

The missing baptismal gown was found and George looked great in it.  It is a beautiful, delicate cotton and lace gown that my Grandfather was baptized in and while it has been handled with care, it still is cloth that has 100+ years on it.  George is a wee bit older than most infants getting baptized so I was terrified that his hefty frame would rip the gown right through - so I didn't even button it.  I was so dang nervous having him in it, and I was bouncing him like a madwoman trying to keep him calm while Deacon Joe was talking (we pulled an amateur parent move and forgot his prepped bottle at home in the fridge and I was wearing a not-nursing friendly dress - so he was also a teensy bit hungry - oops! sorry George) that I was a sweaty mess by the time the whole shebang was finished.  I couldn't wait to get that gown off of him.  But we made it and I don't think G left any marks of destruction on it.  Now a quick gentle press and we can pass it on to the next baby (I'm looking at you Isa!!).
^^^Me and the Little Man.  I'm looking a little tense with that strained smile, no?  My internal monologue is "don't rip the gown, don't rip the gown..."  I love the sunlight streaming in perfectly over our heads.  Holiness descending?  Absolutely, I'm sure.

Anyway - my dress - Lands' End super duper clearance at the Not Quite Perfect Store $6!!
George's dress - really old gown that is irreplaceable and I'm so glad none of my boys managed to destroy it either at their own baptisms or in the short 32 minutes it was in our possession.

Sorry I don't have more photos of the baptism at the moment, but walking all the way up to the third floor to get the cord to connect our camera to the computer was just too hard because I am super lazy busy.  Thanks to Shawn for coming through with a phone photo on the pronto though!

After the baptism we had a little par-tay back at our house to celebrate George's new clean soul and a few people asked if I would share the recipe for one of the salads I made.  So, in an effort to bribe coerce encourage people to look at my blog and subscribe I put it here.

Just to tempt you to keep reading (I think I lost 90% of readers about 3 paragraphs ago) I will show you this super porfessional photo of the salad
Yep, I know.  When I make it look so lovely in a leftover Ziploc container and it's 3 days old, who wouldn't run to their kitchen to make it?  I'm sure you can guess that I took this picture in my work breakroom and I tried to fluff it up a bit, but clearly my novice skills at food photography will force you to make a leap of faith that this salad is actually pretty delicious (I'm still eating it three days later so it's got to be pretty good).  I just don't know why I haven't been asked to be a food blogger when I post riveting stuff like this.

Ok. Recipe.
It's based on this recipe, but as with all recipes, I tinker with it and can't leave it alone.
Wild Rice Salad with Miso Dressing
1c wild rice (cooked according to pkg directions)

To the cooked and drained rice I added a chopped red pepper, a handful of sliced carrots, a handful of sliced sugar snap peas, a bunch of chopped cilantro, a package of shelled edamame, four sliced green onions, and a couple tablespoons of toasted sesame seeds.

The dressing:
4 T miso
4 T agave nectar
2 T sesame oil
5 T rice vinegar
juice from one orange (I used a tangelo, they looked better)

Whisk the dressing and stir it into the salad.  I made the salad the day before and put about half the dressing on.  By the next day a lot of the dressing had soaked into the rice so I added a bit more before serving.

After lunch we had a deliciously sugary white sheet cake from "The Costco" as Frank likes to call it.  I'm still eating that too and it's fantastic a couple days old.  When I was getting the cake out Frank wanted to put a candle on it and sing "Happy Baptism to George" to the tune of Happy B-day.  So, we all did and it was pretty dang cute.

So if I ever manage to get the camera cord and hook it up to our computer, then I'll post some more photos of the big day.  Otherwise, I'm sure you can imagine...crying baby over a font, crazy bouncing mother holding baby, lots of friends and family gathered to share this event and celebrate G...all in all a great Sunday!

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