Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Five Favs

Here are my quickie five favs today!  Thanks to Hallie at Moxie Wife
for hosting a link-up.

1) The mattress protector Skydda Hogt from Ikea.  Blessings upon blessings that two of my munchkins slept until 9am (!) yesterday but needless to say even the strongest and most absorbant nighttime diaper was no match for the 12 hour sleep-a-thon Stan embarked on and he woke up completely wet.  The mattress, however, was desert dry.  Thank you Ikea for saving me from washing out a urine soaked mattress and leaving me only to deal with urine soaked sheets.  So easy in comparison!  Who says motherhood is not one glam filled moment after another?

2) Broccoli slaw. 
This is my go-to salad this summer.  TJ's sells a package of broccoli slaw for $1.99 and I throw in some peanuts, cucumbers, green onions, crushed ramen noodles, and other stuff I have on hand (peppers, cilantro, corn, carrots - anything that's on the verge of being kicked out of my fridge) and mix it with a super easy dressing - 1/4c veg oil, 1/2c apple cider vinegar, 1/2c sugar, and the "seasoning" (let's be honest salt and msg) packet from the ramen noodles.  I usually only use about half the dressing, unless I'm feeling crazy...then I just pour it on. Oh, and the beer in the background is no accident either - it is a delicious summer thirst quencher.

3) National Night Out.  It was so fun to hang out with our neighbors last night!  

We got rained out in the end which "upset" the kids to put it mildly.  There was much  kiddy screaming and contorted faces of agony as all the neighbors scurried to their homes amidst rain, thunder and lightening.  My boys have been asking everyday when they wake up if it is the day of the party for a solid two weeks now, so this was a highly anticipated event.  Alas, they will have to wait until next year for the big shin-dig again, but good thing we live next door to ALL of them so they will see them today.

4) These shoes.  The Seychelles Stagger Wedge
I am loving and wanting them in a big way and have not yet found my way to justifying their purchase.  I love the wedge (a more casual cousin of the pump, and easy to wear), the color (hello autumn, I hear you knockin' at my door), and the detailing (cute but stays wearable and not froofy). 

5)  This guy who helps me mow the lawn with his tractor.  

Who needs a lawn service when you have this?

I hope everyone has a great rest of today.  And first part of tomorrow.  Then I shall post again!

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