Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Stuff

Hey Y'all it's a Friday round-up that I've linked up with Jen over at Conversion Diaries.  These are quickies, but enjoy!
1)  I'm beginning to realize that school is around the corner and a little bit of panic is rising in my chest as we've never had to get the kids up and out the door by 7:50am on a consistent basis.  Any have any ideas on how to start getting the kids (ahem, me) to bed earlier and up earlier to make the transition smoother?

2)  I love that my garden is starting to produce!  We had fresh garden cukes, jalepenos and raspberries last night.  I've been keeping my eye on the watermelon winding its way around my entire garden plot (don't let your imaginations run wild, the "plot" is about the size of a door) and while the plant is huge and overtaking everything I don't see any little melons yet.  My thumb has not even a blush of green on it, so I'm thinking the watermelon is a failed experiment.

3)  I was ordering some glasses online for Jerry from Zenni and they are so cheap I was thinking of getting a pair of fakies to wear when I'm feeling a bit librarian-ish, or want to look studious and well-informed without actually having to read The Economist.

4)  Speaking of being well-informed, I am not at this moment.  I love current affairs and yet I have fallen out of some good habits I used to have like reading the newspaper everyday, skimming the New York Times and the Washington Post online and reading The Economist.  I'm hoping to tackle the current issue of The Economist this weekend while I'm doing some sunning by the waters.

5)  Yay!  It's almost the weekend!  Plans for this weekend include playing in my parents' pool on Saturday and Jerry's parents' lake on Sunday.  Perfect summer weekend in my book - lots of sun, water, and activity so we all come home tired and (fingers crossed) the boys go to sleep without too many shenanigans because I have successfully exhausted them.  I find that most of my waking hours are devoted to wearing out the little puppies so they are simply too tired to be naughty.

6)  I worked out yesterday for the first time in a looooong time and I'm wondering if it was more painful for me to actually suffer through the work out, or for the people around me because they watched a pathetically out of shape woman try to distract herself from her obvious agony with the help of this song and this one.  Because the ceiling really can't hold us and I am bringing sexy back (multitude of winks).

7)  Now with mentioning Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and because they are coming to the Minnesota State Fair that's what I'll mention next!  I love, love, love the State Fair.  We already have tickets to go once with the boys asnd once with just Jerry and me.  I have so many great memories of the fair as a young girl going there with my family and I'd love to give my boys some of those same memories to treasure.  Plus you can't beat a place where you can climb a combine, watch llama judging, see a calf being born, watch the Princess Kay of the Milky Way contenders getting their busts carved out of huge slabs of butter, and eat the best fair food found anywhere!  I'm already drooling for the roasted sweet corn.
(sorry for the scrren shot, but I couldn't resist this one from the fair a couple years ago.  Please note the Llama Obstacle Course Schedule in the background.  The stuff at the fair is incredible and you'll never see it otherwise!)

Happy Friday and toodles!

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