Thursday, August 1, 2013

Reading Mommy Blogs

First - here's the article that inspired this post...then come back here and we'll discuss.
Why The Fuss About Reading Mommy Blogs?

I just read this article after it was linked in a comments section of another blog, and *wow*.  It's fantastic and articluates intelligently why I think it's important to have mom blogs out there as a source of support, mentorship, inspiration, and humor.  I know it makes me feel better to escape into these blogs for a few minutes and realize that there are plenty of moms who go through the daily trials I do with my boys.

Motherhood is a constantly changing institution and it means many different things to all sorts of different moms.  The author Lillian brings up the red tent and the village well as absent sources of support for the modern day mom.  I even think back to my childhood when my mom had SAHMs up and down the block to count on for daily support, venting, and child-rearing problem solving that simply doesn't exist in most neighborhoods today.  For me, reading mommy blogs is like running to a neighbors house for a quick chat or cup of tea when the day starts to get rough.  It gives me a break, a laugh, a refuge, and a person to sort out the tangly mess of being a mom.

Why do you read mommy blogs?

(a content mommy moment)

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  1. Hi Meggie! I found your blog through Camp Patton comments. :) My twin sister is Lillian, the one who wrote that great piece about mommy blogs. I'm excited to pass your post on to her!


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