Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Adult Prom

Over the weekend Jerry and I went to a benefit and we got to dress up and pretend like we were going to prom together. Differences being that this time the Holy Spirit didn't need to stay between me and my date and drinking was encouraged.  Also, I think my hair is better than it ever was in high school.  Oh, and I didn't wear Tevas like I did to my junior prom.  I know, what the hell was I thinking?

Here's some fo-toes of the whole fancy affair.

With my pretty cousins. Minus one cousin. She had some excuse about working the event and getting us into it - whatever. Anyway, details on the look because I know eveyone is clamoring to know.  I loved my dress.  Mostly because it was a super score on the bargain front and I love to brag about a good bargain.  I got this baby from Target online at clearance price plus I ordered it on a day when women's clothing and accessories were an extra 20% off.  This brought the Kate Young dress down to around $27.  Again, I love a steal. I told so many people at the event how much my dress cost I should've really just left the price tag on or painted a big red "$27" on the skirt.
This was my lovely date and I'm sorry that we're in fuzzy focus here, but you get the idea.
A small-ish problem with this dress was that a backless bra was needed.  I ignored this fact until the day of the event and so I found myself cursing at Target hours before we were supposed to be there because I couldn't find an appropriate undergarment to keep the girls in check.  I brought home some sort of adhesive and cup contraption thing that looked worthless and turned out to be too small anyway.  I decided to wing it and go au natural.  The girls haven't had a free night out since college and I'm hoping nobody noticed. And, I've nursed four babies since then, so I was sporting a bit of a different rack than I did back in the day when I thought going braless was bouncy and cute. Especially when I was getting my groove on in a big way later in the night. 

The hair - I did it myself.  The biggest compliment of the night was when I saw my very good friend who also happens to manage my mane at the event and she asked who did my hair.  And she didn't even ask in a "Who the hell did that to your hair?" kind of way.  She geniuinely thought I did an okay job.  Maybe the hair detracted from the floopy boobs.  Who knows.
The hair pics were taken at the end of the night, so it held up pretty well.  Those are my tired legs which appear to be sprouting from my right shoulder.  You should appreciate the effort I put into quality photos for this blog.

The shoes.  Also a Target steal. They were part of the Prabal Gurung release and I got them on clearance too.  The first time I wore them out I discovered quickly that the ankle strap wouldn't hold and so it would come undone almost instantaneously making it impossible to walk.  I decided to DIY it a bit and cut out the strap and added a satin ribbon.  I loved the result and they held up to plenty of walking and dancing til the breaka dawn (which in my book was 12:05am). And I painted my toenails!...and then Stan stepped on my feet.
It was a great night and fun to hang out with adults with an open bar.  Zero complaints. I think I'll go to prom again next year. I better start trolling Target clearance after the holidays.

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