Friday, September 27, 2013

Seven Quicks

1) Kindergarten expectations were high a few weeks ago when Dave finally started and I must say that sadly, those expectations have not been met.  And I'm talking about me, not Dave.  If you want his opinions you'll have to roll on over to his blog

My expectations were super high for this year.  I was told that I would have an exhausted child every night for at least the first month as Dave made the transtition from 10.5 hours of school every week to 35 hours of school.  Parents went on and on about kids falling asleep in the car ride home, at the dinner table, and kids too tired to hold their precious little kindergarten brains up with their tired little arms from all that PE class. 
I couldn't wait.  I was going to revel in that child being sleepy and ready for bed for once in his life.

Fast forward three weeks into this gig and I feel cheated.  Dave is the exact opposite of tired as he runs around the house telling me he needs to "get the crazies out" by jumping, doing some pretty sweet break-dancing ground moves, and standing on his head... all in quick succession of eachother.  Could it be that he has more energy now because he's sitting in class for more of the day instead of running around like a wild man all day? Literally, I wonder what I created.  How could this child who completely eschews sleeping come from a mother who relishes sweet bedtime each night and loathes leaving bed every morning?  Holy heavens help me, it could be a long road to get this kid to college graduation.

2)  We're going to an apple orchard this weekend and I'm sure I will pick about 30 pounds of apples and then come home and panic about what to do with them all.  I usually peel, core, slice and freeze them to make apple pie or apple sauce throughout the year.  I'm a little tight on freezer space this year so I'm thinking of canning a bunch.  Any tips or tested recipes out there?

3) Speaking of canning (I know. When will I stop harping on this thoroughly engrossing subject?  I don't think ever, so you may just need to stop reading before you want to prick your eyes out with pencils) it was pickle day on Tuesday!  Finally the day arrived when we could bust open the pickles I made and canned a month ago.  We polished off the first quart in short order and no one has succumb to food borne illness yet.  Although, my face feels a little numb and my right elbow is super itchy, so we'll see, I could be dying as I'm typing. I'm sure you're dying as you're reading.  From boredom.

4) I downloaded the My Kodak Moments app while at Tar-jay this week so I could quickly pull a photo off my phone to print there.  I know, how quaint to actually have a hard copy of a photo instead of just storing it for all eternity on my phone while Apple continues to send me threats reminders that my cloud is getting weighty and filled up.  But, D needed a baby pic to bring to school and I had to do something quick before I got a rep at school for being the super disorganized mom who never gets stuff in on time.  I have plenty of time to earn that reputation over the next umpteen years of school with the boys and didn't feel I needed to reveal that side of myself within the first month.  Back to the point Meggie.  The app is great and works seamlessly to send photos from phone to photo kiosk over wifi and then gets printed out while you shop for all the not essentials I end up with in my cart.

5) There was a school pizza party this week for the Kinders and their families.  My Bull in the China Shop who is also lovingly known as Stan threw a rock at another kiddo and drew blood.  So even though my penchant for being mildly disorganized, a bit of a procrastinator, and maybe a leeeetle crazy has not been revealed to other school parents, it appears that we will be known as the family with the toddler who maims older kids.  This whole school business is off to a rarin' start.

6) I made a pasta last night that the kids ate with only mild complaint.  This is not monumental as I can usually get them to eat pasta, but it had meat mixed in which I was afraid would throw off the whole dinner equilibrium and ruin everything.  Though there was much breath holding on my part, they ate and seemed full which allowed me a chance to drink wine.  win-win. Here's the super complex recipe - don't feel bad if you can't follow along on my crockpot culinary adventure.
   -in the morning before you're really awake wield a giant knife and roughly cut up into big chunks a couple country pork shoulder ribs from the Costco into crockpot
   -put some salt, pepper, oregano and garlic powder (or whatever you happen to grab in your bleary eyed stupor) on meat and add 1/4 water
   -cook meat on low for 4 hours, then add a jar of TJ's basil marinara sauce (or in my case since I left for work at this point leave this in the capable hands of your nanny - hey Marianne!!)
   -continue to cook on low until you get home from work almost too exhausted to put a pot of boiling water on for penne
   -persevere (because you are a super mom) and boil the damn pot of water
   -cook pasta
   -dump cooked pasta into crock pot
   -pour wine for yourself and hubby
   -ignore kids and pretend you're in a really loud restaurant and complain about families who bring really loud and unruly kids into restaurants

7) Phew - almost there  Hang in there family who I will quiz about this later to make sure you are reading! I'm getting the itch to paint a couple rooms in my home.  Our bedroom being one of them.  Any great color suggestions out there?  I'd like something sort of subdued and mature, just like me.  I saw a grey with a hint of purple that I thought might work.  Is this crazy?  I stink at decorating.

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