Thursday, September 5, 2013

Five Favorites - another...

I'm linking up with Hallie at Moxie Wife today (late!!) to discuss my Five Favorites of the moment...

1) I've got a thing for wedges these days as I mentioned in another post.  I can't wait to start wearing closed toe shoes that cover up my serious lack of toe care this summer (I've been going au natural - sounds prettier au Francais, oiu?

Really it just means I haven't gotten any pedicures and every time I think about quickly polishing up my piggies, I'm just about to climb into my sheets and OPI smeared all over sheets is never good. So sleep wins and toenails lose).
Anyhoo, so here's the pair that I just bought from Blowfish
Oooooh la la you say? (I'll stop that now, I have no idea how to speak French.  I apologize to all the Francophiles out there and any readers that have actually read down this far.) I really love these shoes and can't wait to find them sitting on my porch in the next 7-10 days.

2) This website from the University of Minnesota extension services on canning.  This website is crazy full of information if you ever have any inclination to try canning.  This website may be the key that keeps me from poisoning my family with botulism and they help out when there are mistakes, shall we say.

3) These Birthday Party Premium Ice Cream Sandwiches are soooo good.  I believe they were made with 2-7 year olds in mind, but I happen to love them somthing good.
Birthday Party Premium Ice Cream Sandwiches
The perfect vanilla and cake batter combo with fun sparkles - and now 30% bigger.  I didn't really know that, but it says it on the box right there and I'm not about to argue with 30% bigger.

4) This alarm clock which we've been using in the boys' room for a while now.  Since none of them no how to tell time it is the key to keeping them in their room until a decent hour.  The clock glows green when it's ok for them to run screaming out of the room announcing that the light is green.  If they come out before then they fully understand that they will encounter sleeping and grumpy parents. It's supposed to teach them time too - we've not had luck with that. 

It also serves as a night light and we've used that function to have two times that the light will signal when it's ok to get up.  Dave does not need sleep.  He is one of those weird kids who just stays up late, wakes early, and usually isn't too crabby for lack of sleep.  I could not survive on his sleep schedule. Anyway, the light turns yellow for him and the light turns green for Frank and Stan now.  I would like to turn one of our closets into a sound proof hiding place where I can sleep now.
Teach Me Time Talking Alarm Clock & Nightlight
5) This NARS lipstick, Fast Ride.  It's my fall classic - a sheer mulberry as they describe it.  I love it for work, days with the kids, evening, sleeping, it does it all.  I really don't wear it to sleep, but I think it would fancy me up for that 3am date I still (unfortunately) have with George every night.
Fast Ride Sheer Lipstick
I love this lipstick I typically go through two tubes of it each year.  That never happens to me because I usually lose the tube before I actually use it up.  With Fast Ride, thoough, I am always scraping the remnants out with my fingernail looking for more.


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  1. Those wedges are too cute! I have the same prob w/ painting my toenails- by the time I think to do it, I'm heading to bed. And I seriously need one of those alarm clocks, as I have 2 obscenely early risers!


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