Wednesday, September 25, 2013

It's 2-for-1!!

I'm a little inconsistent with the art of blogging sometimes.  I have no excuses.  Wait, yes I do.  It's just not really a good one.  The excuse is that I've been dragged into Litchfield Women's Prison and I cannot escape.  I am watching "Orange is the New Black" on Netflix so every spare moment I am watching this show in 3 minute increments because that is the only break time my CO's (ahem, children) will allow .  I am a little obsessed and it leaves me little time to blog.  It also leaves me wondering about the true prevelance of lesbianism in womens' prisons, but that's not for this blog to hash out.

Today I had some extra time to blog so I put out two, TWO!! posts in one day.  If you've come over from Hallie's blog then click on over to my other post about going to adult prom for double the fun. 

On to the business end.

1) Obvious - "Orange is the New Black"
I know, I know, I'm late to the game.  In fact, the game is over, the janitorial staff has already cleaned up, the parking lot is empty, and the lights are turned out.  Everyone else has watched this and told me I need to watch it, but I have just now started it.  I love it and if anyone else wants to start watching it now on Netflix so I have someone else to talk to about it I would love that.  Please, please, please let me know because everyone else is already over it until next season comes out and I need to go over some details with somebody out there.  Next I'll be talking about Game of Thrones about ten months too late.

2) Best lip gloss ever - Clinique superbalm moisturizing gloss in black honey
Clinique - Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss
I wore it to adult prom and it gave my lips a nice sheen with my amateur smoky eye.  Overall an okay effect (I think)

3) I have been obsessed with a new breakfast and it couldn't be easier.  I will break this complex recipe down for you all.  Take banana.  Peel banana.  Smear top point of banana in peanut butter of choice.  Dip peanut buttery end in rice crispies.  Bon appetite.

4) The fall colors in MN are starting and I love having an up to date map to consult about where the peaks are in the state.
fall color map

We're heading up north in a couple weeks and I hope we won't be past peak.  My obsessive daily check might be a bit overboard, but what else would I do with my time?

This texturizing spray did not give me waves or any sort of curl, but to have that happen would be on par with a miracle given my naturally straight, limp locks.  It did give me a bit of volume and I'll take what I can get. 

That's the five.  Later ladies (and Jerry).

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