Tuesday, September 10, 2013

This Body I Live In - Guest Post!

Against their better judgement, the ladies over at Fine Linen and Purple allowed me to guest post on their blog today.  Hop on over there and enjoy!



  1. Loved this post. Absolutel natural and admiring mum you are. Thanks for encouraging all the deliciouu mamas out there :-)

  2. Hi Sophie! Thank you so much for reading my blog AND leaving a comment!
    It's so fun to think that someone across the Atlantic read my post. It's
    (notice the correct use of an apostrophe) like pen pals but cooler and for
    adults. I'll put "Great With Child" on my reading list! And if I start
    misusing commas and punctuation please call me out ;)

  3. Thanks for responding, Meggie, it always means so much for a reader. You write beautifully and grammatically correct as well, so you're my favourite now :-)

    (My "y" in 'absolutel' though must have been swallowed by my phone, excuse me :-D )


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